Sunday, 17 July 2011

Birthday Presents and Weekly Haul

For my birthday my sister got me some nail goodies!

Yaaay! Pretty rhinestones! Can't wait to bling my nails out with these!

Dotting tools! No longer will I have to ruin bobby pins, haha. 

My mum baked me some super yummy chocolate and orange cupcakes for my birthday, with pink icing of course. 

Now here's the things I've brought this week:

Barry M Pink Iridescent and Collection 2000 Siren

I'm so excited about this! Look at that holo glitter!

I've been really good at not buying nail polish recently, these are the first I've brought in nearly a month! I'm very proud with myself. 


  1. Happy birthday :D Did you have a birthday manicure?

  2. Happy Birthday Linlin :) Is the Pink Irridescent opaque in a reasonable amount of coats or would it be more of a top coat? Trying to decide if I need it

  3. @Sosa07ac: I did have a birthday mani, it was pretty plain though so I didn't take any pictures.

    @Helly: It's definitely more of a topcoat.