Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When The Sun Don't Shine

Hey! So I've been waiting very patiently for 3 days for the sun to shine so I could get some pictures which show of the duochrome yumminess of Natural Collections Lunar Haze, but the English weather must hate me because it's been grey and raining everyday! I've had to settle with an overcast day though as I wanted to redo my nails.

In the (lack of) sun this polish has the really cool light blue glow to it. 

In the shade.

Because this polish is SO SHEER, and I hate VNL, I did a coat white polish before the Lunar Haze. But as this polish was under £2 I can't really complain. 


  1. What a pretty color. So girly. I don't think it will like the ridges in my nails though. :(

  2. It's such a girly pink and I absolutely love it. :D

  3. This is so cute!! Looks great on you!!