Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pink Wednesday Baby!

Hey everyone! So technically it's not Wednesday, it's like half hour past midnight, but I've just come back from the pub (or my second home as I like to call it). I've had such a great day, spent all day at the beach (I luuuuvre living near the beach) then went to the pub to celebrate a friends birthday, so I'm back home now slightly tipsy. I don't know about you, but I find when tipsy is the best time to do a blog post, haha.

Today I have leopard print nails, I was going to do polka dot nails, but I was kind of craving leopard print nails so it just had to be done! The base colour is Orly Pure Porcelain, the light pink is Barry M Bright Pink and the dark pink is Essie Super Bossa Nova.

I've had the Orle Pure Porcelain on for like 5 days now, so if you enlarge the picture you'll see the tip wear, gross! Also, before I added the dark pink my nails looked like some made cow, haha.

Mad cow.