Friday, 13 May 2011

Yummy Watermelons

So blogger being down, for what seemed like FOREVER, was annoying huh? My last post was deleted but hopefully it'll be back up soon...

Anyway, I was going to do fimo watermelon nails, but I'm kind of traumatised from the last time I tried to cut up fimo canes, so I went with the more literal approach, haha.

Can you tell I did the green and white lines free hand? So messy!

I didn't really have any nail polishes which were watermelon colour, so I did 2 coats of Barry M Bright Red then a thin coat of Rimmel Magenta Magic. The white stripe in Konad Special Nail Polish and the green is Calvin Klein Emerald Green (which is the only green I own!) and then the black is Barry M. 


  1. Wow cute nails! So summery and sweet =)

  2. OII, adorei seu post, primeira vez aki, sou nova por aki e gostaria que desse o privil├ęgio de me visitar tbm, estou te seguindo

  3. Really cute, I did a watermelon mani recently as well, but I used a regular red - I think your red is better though :)

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Sosa07ac: Yours is cute too! :P I really like that you mixed fimo in with your watermelon mani!