Sunday, 1 May 2011

Barbie Girl

I'm kind of obsessed with pink nails at the moment, not helped by the fact 70% of the nail polishes I brought back from uni with me were pink, so I have another pink mani! Doesn't this colour just scream barbie?! There's like microglitter in it, but my crapo camera wouldn't pick them up, boo!

Sorry for the messiness!

I wanted to do some Konad stamping on top of them but my right hand (I'm right handed) is kind of messed up at the moment and have limited movement in it, so weird and painful! So I'll have to wait a week/few days until my hand is better to try it! I put Barry M white shatter on top instead, with glitter on top!

I was going to crop the picture, but I thought my dress in the background looked nice, haha. Shame you can't see the glitter, but the pic was taken at night, so no sunlight. 

I might not post much in the next few weeks because I have exams so I'll be busy revising... or I'll be posting lots if I'm procrastinating, haha! 

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