Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ombre nails!

I've been loving all the ombre looks Sonja at Happily Polished has posted and really wanted to give it ago, so here's my go at it, I think her ombre looks turned out better than mine though.

Then in the evening, as my nails were looking worse for wear, I put Models Own Smash-Up Silver, which shatters no where near as good as Barry M, so disappointing. 

Colours from thumb to little finger:
Blue Moon - Barry M
Blueberry Ice Cream - Barry M
Cyan Blue - Barry M
Cobalt Blue - Barry M
Navy - Barry M
Then I put Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds - Flash Cosmic (which gives the weird blue glow) then topped it off with a matte topcoat. 

How ugly are my nails now they're short?! I had to take off my fake nails as unpacking with them was just annoying! 3 days and I'm no where near finished! So depressing. 


  1. Very cute. I really want to try out this look, maybe in coral?

  2. I think a coral ombre look would look amazing! You should definitely try it :)

  3. It turned out great, Lydia, I really like the dark blues. But the colours don't seem to show after the silver shatter. Is it like that IRL or is just my laptop that won't show the colours correctly?

  4. Thanks, in real life you can see them, I couldn't manage to get a picture that showed it very well though as my camera's a bit broken.