Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rudey Nudey

I'm LOVING nudes at the moment, yesterday I made like 4 nude frankens and I can just tell I'll end up spending a fortune by buying the Zoya ones and any others I can find! I'm pretty obsessed!

I've decided to take more pictures of my right hand as my nails are longer than my left. :P

It's a pretty similar shade to the nude in a previous post but that one was pearl whereas this one isn't. I think I prefer this one, but I do love both.


  1. Very nice! You wear these colours well.

  2. awww i love this!


  3. i love the zoya nudes, but frankens are cheaper! haha i STILL want to buy deborah lippmans naked polish :/ i love nude polishes!!!

  4. I love this color!

    I made a nail tutorial inspired by you! Check it out :)

  5. this color is my usual nail polish. yes, i'm boring when it comes to that. i'm not good at doing nail arts too, so i love reading blogs like yours.

    i'm a new follower by the way, i hope you could check out my blog and follow too. ;)

  6. pretty hands... color is unusual and looking good on u...