Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Franken Mad

I've gone a bit franken mad over the last few days, so here are the ones I've made!

Surprisingly I only made 1 glitter franken, the others were just colours I've wanted for a while but can never find in shops. 

I've wanted a nude nail polish for a while now, but the only ones I find are sheer so I made my own! And I've wanted a light pink for aaaaages and as I had a little bit of a matte top coat left I made the pink franken in there so it's matteified, it also has a gold shimmer to it too, but couldn't capture that in the pic. I'm thinking the pink will be used in my pink Wednesday.

This red is gorgeous! It's a bit more purpley in real life and has a shimmer to it, but you can't see them because my camera is a bit crap. The green glitter is AMAZING, I put loads of different coloured glitter in it.

Here's a close up on my leg, haha, as it's the only way I could get a half decent close up. I should probably think of some names for them, but I'm not that creative. 


  1. I have never created a franken polish before. I think you did great!

    I'm fresh out of idea's for names. :( I think if I ever made a franken that would be the hardest part - naming her!

  2. You've never made a franken?! Well you should, they're so much fun!

    Haha, yeah I just can't think of names, I might just number them :p

  3. Oeh, I like the close-up, really nice colors!

  4. Hooray for frankens! They're a great free way to stop you buying new stuff just 'cos you're bored with all your old stuff! hehe!

    I think you've done a great job - I'd genuinely love to wear each one of those (and I can be quite fussy! lol)

  5. Aww thanks! They're also great when you're trying to save money by not buying nail polish :P