Sunday, 5 June 2011

My First Franken.

So here's my first franken! Exciting times or what! You can't really see the blue glitter in this pics, because my camera is complete pants, but it looks pretty cool in real life. 


  1. OMFG you witch! Is that Starry Silver Glitter? I made almost the exact same thing yesterday, although less pink, more lilac and more awesome of course. I know great minds think alike, and I clearly have a great mind... Can't believe we both did this on the same day lol

  2. @A Polished Touch: Thanks!

    @Helly Welly: Yeah it is! Mine is clearly more awesome than yours even though I haven't seen it, bit creepy we did the same thing though! Must be on the same wavelength. :P

  3. Will have a post up on it tomorrow, cant take pictures at night, my camera is skeered of the dark apparently...

  4. i love it! i justttt made my first franken!