Friday, 10 June 2011

Nail Polish Storage

I've been pondering for the last week or so how to store my nail polish collection. At uni I had a big shoe box and a big celebration tin which I had filled with nail polish which then lived on my bookshelf. But now I'm back home and I have a whole chest of drawers, which my parents lovingly brought for me, just for my nail polish, make up, jewellery and all that kind of stuff.

My beauty corner!

So my nail stuff in the the bottom draw, but all my nail polishes were just loose and it became really messy, really easily and after all my nail polish was in there, there wasn't room for much else...

Note: In this picture, at least 20 nail polishes, a container filled MB/Konad pates and fimo canes were not in there and my nail polish remover and cotton wall balls were also missing. 

I was a little stumped how to sort these out so it was easy to find what I need, so I just hunted in the kitchen for some unused tupperware containers (as I'm cheap) to put some of my nail polishes in there.

So much more organised!

This is only temporary though as what I really want is something like in this post as I think it would be PERFECT! Especially when I go back to uni.

I'm really interested with how everyone else stores their nail polishes, so I think you all should take a picture and make a blog post about it so I can see!!


  1. wanna come organize my nail mess?! pleassee!!!

  2. I would actually love to! I love organising clothes, shoes and nail polish :P

  3. very nice - i also like how you have the jewellery stored