Monday, 16 May 2011

Major Shopping Spree!

I'm just going to apologise in advance, there is a lot of writing and pictures in this post! I've had very little human contact in the past week (thanks to revision) so I have a major case of verbal diarrhoea! Haha, oh dear!

You have no idea how good this cookie was.

As I've been revising so hard for my exams (and by revising I mean putting colourful post-it notes on my work and highlighting things for fun) I thought some nail polish shopping was in order! Because I deserve a treat, right? Maths has to be the most draining subject EVER! If you don't have a death wish, don't do a maths degree, that's all I'm saying. Anyway, so I splurged and brought 5 nail polishes (and cookies)!

I tried to take a pic of these in sunlight, but it's raining... boo! 

Here's them in a different light. 

As you can tell by the label they're Accessorize nail polishes, the one to the left is called Pink Spice and it's pink with gold and orange tones in the sun. The one to the right is called Bronze and it looked better in the shop, it looks kinda gross now, hopefully it'll look better on my nails.

I LOVE this one, I've been after a purple this shade forever, but I haven't been that successful in my search. It's Gosh Wild Lilac.

A nail polish haul just isn't complete without the Barry M. Words cannot describe my love for Barry M. Anyway, the one on the left is called Peach Melba and it just reminds me of holidays to Spain, if I was going on holiday this year this is deffo the polish I would wear. The one on the right is called Strawberry Ice Cream. 

All of them together!

I also brought Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint. Not really sure why, just thought it looked cool and I needed something else to buy as it was 3 for 2 in Boots. LOVE IT. 

I wasn't to sure what to expect with this, but I tried it out and it smells nice and it's super fun to apply, it's like colouring in your lips with a sharpie! I brought in it shade 03, whatever that means... 

But wait, there's more still...

I brought some black shoes today also (my bank account is crying after today) because I don't really like the plain black shoes I have now and these are SO MUCH CUTER! 

They're from Dorothy Perkins if anyone was wondering... 

I also brought a pink stapler (won't show you a pic of this though, unless you want me to, haha) and some pressed power from Collection 2000 in Ivory, because my Natural Collection one makes me look ORANGE, not that that's a challenge though as I'm as pale as can be, which is a shame as I love the Natural Collection one. Hopefully the Collection 2000 is just as good and doesn't make me look orange...

This is the last pic, I swear!

If anyone has read all of this incredible long, boring post I am truly sorry for writing so much and I love you for reading it all.  


  1. Yay you love me! My life is complete *dies*

  2. Haha I read it all lol! Awesome haulage =)

  3. Aww, thanks both of you for reading all of it ♥

  4. <3 Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Ivory!

    Been using it for yearsss :]

  5. I'm really impressed with the powder, I love it! And it doesn't make me look orange! :p