Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another Pink Wednesday!

So as my fimo canes arrived yesterday, my pink Wednesday obviously had to involve them!! It took me forever to decide which canes to choose, way to many choices and I am so indecisive! Eventually I managed to pick a few, like after an hour! Here's a little pic of all the cute cut up fimo canes on some cardboard (as I didn't want to ruin my desk):

So here's my nails:

Aren't the little dragonflies so cute? It's such a nightmare trying to photograph glitter, I have very little sunlight in my room so I had to stick my hand out my window and position my camera at a strange angle. Very awkward! 

For this mani I used Revlon Bubblegum (which is scented and actually smells of bubblegum!!), then for the glitter I used this Bourjois polish, which has a label all in French so that's all I know about it, haha, and some boring topcoat.