Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pink Wednesday!

So I survived the treacherous journey home without any damage to my nails, go me! Major accomplishment! I've put the top coat on and tidied up my nails a bit from my 3am preview and here is the end result:

They shine killer in the sun, but there is a lack of sun shinning into my room and I felt like a bit of a wolly trying to take pictures of my nails while standing at the window, especially as my neighbours are having a big BBQ and can see directly into my window. 

Also, in between exams and trains I managed to find some time for some cheeky nail polish shopping and got the FAB Barry M pink Shatter which I've had my eye on for a while, but all the shops were sold out of it... until today!! 

Check it out! I was so excited by the nail polish I just had to take a pic of it before I even unpacked, as you can see by my bag in the background, HA! Can't wait to try that beauty out.

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