Thursday, 21 April 2011

Silver Obsessed

So I just found these 2 pictures on my SD card, why I didn't move them accross to my lappytop is a mystery, but since they look pretty darn good I though I'd post them.

I love love LOVE silver with black shatter, it has to be my fav look to do with the black shatter. I could wear it all day everyday and never get bored of it, that's how much I love it!

Awkward hand pose is awkward. 

So I don't normally buy models own nail polish, but I'm a sucker for glittah and just had to have it. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the nail polish justice, but in real life it's mega sparkly and I love it.

I'm planning on trying the marbling effect on my nails today, need to buy some fake nails first though to practice on! I really hope it works out well and looks super cool as I am sooooo excited about trying the technique!!!

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