Tuesday, 19 April 2011

First Post!

So I thought it was about time I made a nail blog, seeing as I am completely obsessed with nail polish. I think I might even have more nail polishes then shoes, which is a shocker! 

Seeing as this is a nail blog I thought I'd start things off with a cheeky pic of my nails from last week. I'd show you a pic of my nails right now but they are complete crapo seeing as I've been too busy revising to do my nails. So anyway, I think this effect looks AMAZE, but my darling mother thought they were ugly (she must be blind). Basically I did a pink coat (BarryM, my fav brand for nail polish), then a sneaky coat of the new 17 crackle nail polish, then some BarryM black shatter on top. I think it looks pretty cool. I also put a matte topcoat on top (I am OBSESSED with matte atm) and this is the end result! 

P.S. I never know how to place my hands when taking pictures of my nails, however I place my hands just looks super awkward!

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