Thursday, 28 April 2011

I can haz Konad?

So I ordered some Konad stuff and it came today! I was so excited I wanted to hug the postman, and if I wasn't holding one of my doggys at the time nothing would have stopped me! I wish they came a day or two later though, because I am so in love with my Wednesday nails that I don't want to remove them just yet and there is no way I could fit some Konad into my mani! I had a go on some cardboard but it just wasn't the same as nails, I might try and convince my mum or sister to let me try on them.

White, blue and red, perfect timing for the royal wedding or what?!

M2 and M3, so cute!

I can tell a lot of my money is going to go on Konad and Fauxnads now, sorry bank account!


  1. Er you haz toenails, no?

    DEW IT!

  2. None of my toe nails are big enough :(

  3. Boo! From now on I will call you Tiny Toes, that is all.

  4. My big toe are! It's just there was an incident a a few months ago and now I only haz half of my big toenails :(