Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Goodies I Brought Today!

Even though I said I wouldn't, I did go out and buy some nail polish, oops! Wasn't many nail polishes I wanted luckily, so I only brought 4 and I forgot to buy a clear topcoat which was the main reason I went out. Annoying! Will have to buy one tomorrow. So, here's what I brought:

The first one is Pink Fever and the photo really doesn't do it justice, it's such a gorgeous colour! The middle one is a crackle polish, hopefully it will crack as well as the Barry M ones and not be a complete disappointment like the 17 crackle. And last but not least is just a glitter top coat, I already brought this a month or so ago, but I lost it, so as it's cheap I brought another one. 

Now the 4th nail polish I brought deserves its own picture because, well, I think I'm in love! I never normally look at the NYC nail polishes, because I don't like how they apply, but today I thought why not have a browse and I saw this and had to have it, it must have been fate as it was the last one! Result!

It's silver glitter then blue and light purple bigger glitter things! It's amazing and a nightmare to try to photograph, haha. 

I also got these in the post today and as you can tell, I was clearly more excited about these than my new polishes, because what kind of girl doesn't love maths books more than polish! 


  1. I haz the NYC and 17 glitters, prettyful

  2. Awesome nail haul, the glitters are so going on my shopping list for my next UK trip.
    And good luck studying the Math books XD