Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Leopard Pink Wednesday!

So another Pink Wednesday is upon us, I thought I'd give a stab at leopard print, and for my first try I think I did a pretty darn good job! I even managed to do my right hand, and I think it turned out better than my left hand even though I'm right handed! I have a confession to make though... my nails aren't exactly pink, they're more of a coral pink, but I think they're pink enough to classify.

 Left hand.

Right hand.

With flash to show the pink! 

The coral pink colour is 2true shade 3 and it gave me the WORST migraine! I can tell you now I won't be using that nail polish again in a hurry. The purple is Miss Sporty which appears to not have a name, and the grey is Barry M Grey. To do the purple and grey splodges I used a bobby pin as a dotting tool, creative huh? Hope you guys like it :)


  1. i likkkkeeeee... and i love how your right hand looks sooo good. mine always looks crazy cause im right handed!

  2. i like it so much! the combination is really cute! :)

  3. Love the colour combo on the leopard print mani, really cute :-)