Saturday, 21 May 2011

Make Up Haul

So I think I might have brought a little to much this week, I'm blaming exam stress though and the fact maths is REALLY depressing. So here's what I brought:

I ran out of my matte top coat, so I brought another one. I've wanted a yellow since my last one dried all up and went horrible and I've finally got around to buying a new one, it's called Sunshine, how cute! My friends ALWAYS moan that I don't have any green nail polish as I hate green (I swear they're only friends with me so I'll paint their nails) so I finally caved and brought this cheapo one with a great name... it's called NINJA. Best. Name. Ever. I've also wanted a coral for a while so got the 2true shade 3 (creative name, I know) although I've never tried any 2true polishes before, so don't know how well it applies and I find the bottle weird looking.

Next I brought some new blushes, I'm kind of obsessed with blush atm, and a brush (just a superdrug home brand one) as the brush I was using had seen better days. The Natural Collection is called Pink Cloud, Collection 2000 is called Breathless (cheesy name or what!) and the NYC is Pink Cheek Glow. I've been after some more day time blushes, as the ones I have now are more night out and these are perfect for the day.

Now on to lips. The lip gloss is Natural Collection Cherry Drop, you can't see in the picture but it's glittery. The lipstick in the blue is 17 Belle and it's just a standard day lipstick, nothing really that special about it. Now the lipstick in the purple, I am in LOVE! It's Rimmel Lily Extase (what the hell does extase mean?!) and it looks amazing!! It's replaced my Rimmel Red Fever as my new fav lipstick.

  It even matches my nails!

I told you I brought a lot, haha! Next up is Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Bronze Haze. So I never normally wear eyeshadow as without my glasses on I'm pretty much blind, it's a struggle just to put on mascara! Without my glasses my eyes just look like grey blurs and I can't even see the mascara stick! How I manage to not get it all over my face is a mircile. Anyway, I really love the smoky eye effect, but because of the blindness I could never do it... until now! I can totes do the smoky eye with this, even though I can't see what I'm doing! Yes!

Ok, that's it for now, I actually brought quite a bit more but I'm to lazy to post the rest. Sorry for another long post! I hope you all are enjoying today and that the whole rapture/impending doom isn't putting a dampener on things. :p

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  1. let me know how the smokey eye stick works out - ive been wanting one but dont want too until i see/hear how it works!