Friday, 27 May 2011

Another Weekly Haul.

I've brought far to much this week, so I've decided I'm going not buy anything nail related for like 6 weeks, although knowing me I'll probably crack way before then! So here's all the nail polishes I've brought this week:

These Missy Sporty nail polishes were 2 for £1.99 in Superdrug, so I just had to a few, they were practically free!! In real life the yellow doesn't look like that, blame the flash. My favourite of the 4 is the middle pink one, soooo cute! For some annoying they don't name the nail colours, so I can't tell you want they're called.

Of course I had to buy Barry M and they were 2 for £4.99 in Superdrug! So another bargain there! The pink is called Pink Flamingo and it's a bit coraly. The purple is Berry Ice Cream.

These were another bargain (I was all over the bargains this week!), the purple is called Prince Street (bit of a weird name) and the peachy glitter is Gramercy Glitz, which I'm tempted to use to make a franken.

I seemed to have brought a lot of purples this week, weird. So now onto the Accessorize polishes, the purple glitter is called Ruby Sparkle, which is a bit of a misleading name I think, ruby means red and there's no red! The orange is called Orange Flash, and was another one of my bargains as it was half price! Now the middle one is amazing, although it looks pretty crap with the flash. Here's it without the flash:

Aztec is like this greeny glitter which shines purple in the light. Now I'm not a big fan of green but I love this.

This is a pretty boring group, needed a new topcoat and as these were also on offer (another BARGAIN) for 2 for £6.99 I brought the blue too, which is called Aqua Cool.

I ordered this Konad nail polish online, I think it's called back pearl or something, pretty boring stuff.

My Bundle Monster arrived!!! Yaaaaaaaay! Pretty excited about this, can't wait to try them out. Although because my nails are long the full nail images are to small. How do you bloggers with long nails get around this?


I brought some new nails files too as I thought they looked cute and they match my nails.

Ok, so I'm done with the show and tell. That was EXHAUSTING to write up. I won't be posting much in the next few days as I'll be busy packing, which sucks as I really want to do my nails again but they'd just get ruined by the packing :( I so want to try out all my new stamps and nail polishes, oh well impatient me will have to wait until next week, booo!


  1. The Miss Sporty polishes have names on their website, but not on the bottles, er, what? Silly silly Miss Sporty.

    Good luck for the not buying stuff. I am about to spectacularly break my month of not buying nail stuff :)

  2. Well that makes perfect sense...

    Haha, thanks! I should be ok though, my mum likes to watch my spending like a hawk when I'm home. :/